Honors, you bet!

USA Today Logo USA Today Top places in the world to fly a kiteCallaway Kite Flight was named by USA Today as a top ten place to fly a kite. Callaway is also the Kite Flight Capitol of Nebraska.

Callaway, NE: Just outside this small town, about 65 miles northwest of Kearney, is the official Kite Flight Capital of Nebraska, a 200-acre prairie dedicated to kites. Each Labor Day weekend, folks from all over the Midwest gather for an annual kite reunion that has included everything from a wedding under an arch of kites to the spreading of a kite flier’s ashes during a memorial fly. Count on “down-home relaxation, picnicking, friendly conversation, homemade pie and burgers. USA Today, Nov. 8, 2001

Adopt a Spectator

We promote "Adopt a Spectator" each year. Amateurs/spectators and professional fliers team up for mutual kite flying enjoyment.

Safety? Of course!

Amateurs and professionals fliers can fly their kites and enjoy themselves without worry at our site – Foster Smith Field. That’s because we have Fly Zones and Fly Cops! Who wouldn’t want to see these cops coming? (They have fly swatters attached to their golf carts and are more information officers and taxis than Hills Street Blues types.)

Pastures and concessions and candy drops … oh my!

Candy Drop At the Callaway Kite Flight candy can be seen falling from the sky via kites.

What a setting for Callaway Kite Flight! A pasture surrounded by rolling hillsides and wonderful vistas, and the best concessions you can imagine with homemade Yum Yums, fruit pies, and super burritos. Plus Cold Stone Creamery, Shaved Ice, kite vendors and more. And Candy drops at the Callaway Kite Flight! It’s not just about the candy falling from the sky via kites, either. Watching excitement on the faces of the children, and their happy parents, is worth the trip alone.